Foot Zoning

Valerie Harris 

​Foot Zone therapy is a holistic approach to improving the function of your entire body through precise manipulation of your feet. In simple terms, it is an advanced form of acupressure on the feet.
With the aid of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, the foot zone therapist targets certain zones in your feet that trigger signals and sends messages and stimulation to affected tissues or organs via your spinal cord and brain. 
The therapy stimulates every organ in your body in each treatment and will help you to recognize how interconnected all of your body’s cells, organs and systems are.
Foot Zoning can be used to address any number of complaints that you might have and the benefits are endless. Sessions can, among other things, release tension, cleanse toxins, improve circulation, increase energy, strengthen the immune system, induce deep relaxation, boost fertility, stabilize emotions, and simply bring peace and harmony into your home and life in general.
The best way to discover what foot zoning is all about is to experience it for yourself, so by all means, come and experience!